"Don't allow your fear of the water to become a life long sentence.  Wash it away with a little SOAP and hope."     Jeff Krieger, M.S.

Dear Jeff,

"Thank you so much for sharing your time and expertise so generously this morning! I am more pumped up than ever to get this information out to the world at large. You have made such a big difference to so many clients, and I hope that my book is going to take your message out there to even more people. You are doing the work of angels, Jeff. It's my pleasure to learn from you and tell the world."

All best,


Helping people overcome their aquatics anxieties, fears and phobias for over 30 years.

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City of Yonkers

Mark Twain Middle School Pool
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Yonkers, NY
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Hi Jeff.    I did not learn how to swim while living in Brazil. Also, somebody pushed me into the pool once and I got scared. I took swim classes in the USA before but I did not like their approach and obviously did not learn a thing. By having a toddler now who loves water, I set a goal for 2015. I wanted to give another try.
I searched for an instructor day and night for a week. Finally, I came across Jeff Krieger whose approach is very unique and different for every individual. He has a BA in Psychology and his main focus are aquatic phobias. Well, I gave him a call and soon enough I was in the pool. I could not believe it. He made me swim at the first session but I was afraid. The second session my fear was much less and so on.
I was afraid due to not knowing what to do or how to float at least but he kept assuring me he was right there, holding my hands and guiding me until I was able to just glide alone.
Thank you, Jeff for being a therapist in water. You are an extraordinary professional with a big heart. You taught me the skills, made me more confident in every session, and put a big smile on my face while tears of happiness were rolling down my eyes.
I always asked you: Are you going to jump in and save me, right?. You saw me struggling right there and did nothing! And you answered: First, I am right here by your side. Second, I will catch you. Last, I would not have let you struggle if I did not know you were ready. You knew before I realized I could do it. Also, thank you Erica Stephenson for saving my life and watching Noah and thanks a lot, Howard Luks for giving me the opportunity to swim in that gorgeous pool.
"Just keep swimming"   Thanks  Edimeire Thater